Wagon Riders

August 12, 2015

We loved the walking trail that wrapped around our old neighborhood and used to break out the stroller at least 4 times a week. The new neighborhood is still close enough to walk to our downtown area, but there is a large hill and little bit without sidewalks… and we also have twice as many kids now. Excuses, excuses. We walked to pick up pizza last week and took both kids in the wagon. They thought it was the best ride ever (the bag of Pirate’s Booty I gave them definitely helped). The wagon was so much more exciting than the stroller and they shared and played with each other the entire way. Seeing the blossoming friendship between the sisters is amazing. Garret and I were able to catch up and actually finish our sentences. And even though we weren’t constantly interrupted, we paused every once in awhile to ease-drop on their conversation and smile.

It was wonderful and Garret didn’t mind pulling that wagon full of kids and dinner with one slightly wonky wheel up the hill to our house at all. Nope, not at all.


A tale of two walkers…

July 29, 2015

I love to keep mental notes about how my babies are different and how they are the same. One blonde, one brunette. One has blue eyes and the other has brown.

Ellie learned to walk right around 11 months old. Just a month behind her big sister. Both girls began sleeping through the night when they started walking, thank the stars. Almost a full year of nightly feedings for both girls and exhausted mornings for their parents. I’m a little more than a month into sleeping through the night and I almost can’t remember how awful it was. Almost.

Charlotte learned to walk at 10 moths and took off like a drunk little sailor going as fast as her little legs would take her. She was so fast and so unsteady that we bought a little foam helmet to protect her. She crashed into corners, tables, and floors all day everyday.

Ellie is sure and steady, never going faster than necessary and always in control. Whenever she gets a little unsteady, she stops and regains control. She is careful to fall backwards onto her diaper-padded tush whenever possible and unlike her sister, never ever leads with her head.

C and E Walk 1

Ellie takes a walk in JLS from Lacey Deal on Vimeo.