Today was another field trip, it feels like the 50th field trip of the school year. This school plans at least one or two each month and they are a huge pain in the tush and also completely wonderful. I’m really grateful for this school and how the kids are exposed to so many cultural ideas, but the execution of this part of the curriculum involves so many cars, parents, lugging of car seats and packing of lunches and snacks.

Today the outing was to St. Mary’s College to see the play Pinocchio. Now, this is a mixed-age class with ages 3-5 and I was seriously questioning how they were going to sit through a 1 1/2 hour performance. The kids all did great, even Charlie, although she was the only one who played musical chairs, bouncing between my lap, her grandmother’s lap and her own seat. This was the Italian fairy tale version of the story, not the Disney version, and it was a little creepy at times to me but the auditorium full of field tripping 3-7 year-olds seemed ok with it. The cast all gathered by the exits and gave out little whale erasers to the kids, who gawked at them like they were celebrities.

I had 5 kids in our minivan and I brought my mom for extra help. The kids were talking over each other and getting louder and louder. A few arguments started over them telling each other to shush. I turned on the soundtrack to Frozen and they all burst into song. The volume of their voices stayed loud, but at least they were all singing the same song.

All in all it went swimmingly. Charlotte got a little teary a few times when a friend didn’t talk to her or she didn’t get the spot in the car that she wanted, but she had a great time. I make an extra effort to go on all of the field trips because she’s the youngest of the class and needs a little extra support, but I wonder how she would behave if she didn’t have her mom and grandmother along. Would she sit in her own seat the whole time and follow directions better if we weren’t there?

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xo, lacey

Grow some teeth already, you big baby

I love the little conversations that I get to overhear Charlotte having with Ellie.

Charlotte (eating a banana): Baby Ellie, do you want to share my banana? Do you want some of my banana baby?


Charlotte: Baby want some banana?


Charlotte: Banana, Banana…. mmmm (now she’s just taunting the baby)


Charlotte: You got to grow some teef Baby Ellie. (walks away)


The Toothless Wonder

xo, Lacey


I like purging and minimalism, I do. I’m just not very good at it. Like singing or dancing, it just doesn’t come naturally to me.

I went on a purging streak at work and tossed out two trash bins full of junk that has been laying around for far too long. It felt so good, and I loved moving all that clutter to the trash. I’ve read that stuff saps your energy. It takes up your physical space and mental space, in that you have to keep track of it. I really want to remember how freeing it feels to have fewer items around and keep up this spirit at home.

I keep a box in my closet for items that that I want to donate and my husband totes it to the Goodwill once a month. I can’t remember ever taking something out of the box and reconsidering it, which probably means that I’m not being ruthless enough. I have way too many clothes that I haven’t worn in at least a year or two, although to be fair, I have been many sizes in the last year and still don’t quite feel like my body is done doing all of its post-baby adjustments.

I started reading bunches of blog posts about minimalism,  capsule wardrobes and the like. I quickly fell down a rabbit hole of the internet and ended up ordering a few items that I loved from a few capsules that were listed. I’m planning to redouble my efforts on ridding myself of stuff without it leading to shopping.

xo, lacey