Happy Thoughts


Tonight I laid down with Charlotte to help her fall asleep. We snuggled together in the dark and I told her “close your eyes and think of happy thoughts like ice cream and unicorns.”

Charlotte: I wish that…. my fwiends could be… um… normal with me.
Lacey: Why aren’t they normal with you?
Charlotte: Because they’re all animals.
Lacey: They’re animals?

Charlotte: They’re wolves.

Dad’s Night


Tonight is Dad’s Night at Charlie’s preschool. Today Garret will come home from work and take Charlie back to school.  She’ll show him all of the things she does at school and introduce him to her friends. They will have snacks and circle time, and it will feel very special to have her daddy at school. I know it will be the highlight of her week. She such a daddy’s girl lately, and openly prefers him to me. She tells him that he is the handsome prince and that she is going to marry him someday soon. Lately they have been coloring after dinner and playfully fighting over who gets to color the princess. I love watching them build MagnaTile castles on the floor and wait for Ellie to smash it. It is just the sweetest thing to see the special bond that Charlie and Garret have that is completely separate and different than their relationships with me.

I dropped Charlie off at school this morning and we talked about Dad’s Night and what to expect and she was so excited and so proud that her daddy was coming to school with her. I wish I could hide in the classroom and watch them!

Fortune Cookie

“Reading” her fortune cookie after dinner…

C: I have the berry best family… and… um… I lub them sooooo much.

We’ll never know what it really said because then she tried to eat it.


A photo from the Fortune Cookie Factory in San Francisco.

I valet-parked my child

The parking situation at Charlotte’s preschool is not good. There are about 30 parking spots that are all being used between 8:45 and 9 each morning. I don’t know how many kids attend this school, but there are about 40 teachers and staff… so you get the idea. Lots of drop offs, not enough spots. The school has a few teachers stand out front and help kids out of the car and make sure that they walk through the gate. Charlotte and I watch the kid-valet each morning while we look for a spot, but every time I suggest that we try it, Charlotte insists that she will not be going with “the ladies” and makes me promise that I will park and walk her inside. “YOU take me to school. YOU mommy.” Twist my arm, I love walking her in and helping her put things away and find her friends.

Today we were waiting behind a few cars and she was watching the valet kids hop out and make their way into school. She looked up from her apple and told me “I want to go with the ladies.” (Note to self: Handing her an apple for the 5 minute drive to school does not count as breakfast.) I was so surprised and countered with no fewer than 5 “are you sure’s.” She was sure and gave a giant smile and “good morning” to the teacher that helped her out of her car-seat and walked through the school gates with her lunch box and nap blanket. She looked so proud of herself, I could tell she felt six feet tall.

I froze a little and held up the line wondering if I should park and go check on her, or maybe fumble around for my phone and take a picture of this milestone. But I finally just drove away, thinking about my big girl and how next week she’ll probably ask me to drop her off down the block.

I only cried a little.


C in the school sandbox on pajama day.

xo, lacey